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Baldwin Real Estate, Inc.

Property Managers for Wolfpen Condominium I HOA
2112 Hendersonville Rd, Arden NC 28704

Office Telephone:  828-684-3400

 FAX:  828-684-3442

Emergency Phones:  828-280-8989

Email address: office@baldwinrealestateinc.com




Wolfpen Condominium I Homeowners Association, Inc. and the staff at your Property Manager bring you greetings.  Enclosed is information that we hope will help you to become better acquainted with the people and life in your new community.  We would also like you to know how the Association operates.  We hope you’ll want to be an active participant!


You may already be aware that condominium living differs from living in a private home. You are part of a homeowners association, in which each owner not only holds title to a unit, but also holds property in common with all other homeowners.


Your Association has its own Board of Directors. They are elected each year on a rotating basis at the Annual Meeting of the Association. The term of office begins at date of election.


The Association might be compared to a small town in that your Association has its own separate set of Rules and Regulations (see abbreviated Rules & Regulations on page 5 of this packet) in order that residents have a smooth functioning and pleasant community. Everyone needs to observe regulations regarding the common areas, for example, where parking may be limited.  We are including some of those rules for easy reference.


If you are an owner, the Association’s Declaration and Bylaws (legal documents) should have been transferred to you when you closed on the purchase of your home.  They include important information.


So that you get some sense of life in your new community, we include the most recent copy of your newsletter (which includes some of the information we mentioned above).  This newsletter is called WolfTales.  It is published monthly and distributed by volunteers to each home in Wolfpen I.  It is the Board’s official communiqué to all owners and residents.


Your Association’s Board of Directors is composed of volunteers elected by unit owners to oversee general operations, care and maintenance.  But we all are accountable for what goes on in our units and in the community.


You can assist the Board by communicating any issues you may encounter in writing and submitting required information at time of sale or lease.  You may use the Work Request form for needed repairs of property that is the Association’s responsibility and leave the form in the Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests box in the Mail Center, or communicate by email to the Property Manager.


Monthly Maintenance Fees are payable to Wolfpen Condominium I Homeowners Association on the first of every month.  You may set up an automatic electronic payment with the Property Manager, or leave your payment in the box marked Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests in the Mail Center.  A late fee of $20 is imposed for any payment not received by the 10th of the month.  In the third month, a lien is filed against that property.  We trust that none of these will be necessary.




We strongly encourage all owners to take advantage of electronic fund transfer to remit their monthly assessments.  A form is enclosed whereby you may have your maintenance fees automatically deducted from your checking account.  If you have any questions concerning completion of this form, please call the Property Manager.  If you choose not to have funds electronically transferred, payments should be deposited in the Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests box in the Mail Center or mailed to the address above.  Please enclose the following information with your first payment:


Your current address (reference bldg. & unit #), City, State, Zip Code

Home Phone #, Work Phone #, Emergency contact name & Phone # & Cell Phone.

Date of purchase

Previous owner’s name.

Proof of Insurance on Unit.


This will allow the Property Manager to set up your account in their computer promptly, so that your account is properly credited.


Again, welcome to Wolfpen I! We’re glad you are here! We hope you find this community a great place in which to live and to make new friends.




From your Board of Directors


First of all, WELCOME!  We trust that you will find living in Wolfpen I the pleasure that the vast majority of our residents have found it to be.  One of our lessees, upon leaving our community, described Wolfpen as “one of Hendersonville’s best kept secrets.”


We are a covenant community.  If you have never lived in a condominium community before, you may not be aware that we, like other covenant communities, have restrictions and administrative requirements set out in our Declaration and Bylaws filed in the Henderson County Courthouse.  These documents authorize Wolfpen Condominium I Homeowners Association, Inc. to elect a Board of Directors, which, in turn, is authorized to pass Rules and Regulations, and to issue fines of up to $100.00 per day for on-going violations.  Before fines are issued, written warnings are always sent first to residents who violate either the document’s restrictions or the published rules.  To avoid either happening to you, we encourage you to become well-acquainted both with the complete published rules, as well as the restrictions in the Declaration.  Getting to know these rules and restrictions will save you embarrassment and the Board’s having the unpleasant task of advising you of your not abiding by our covenant documents.  The documents will also help you know what part of your home you are responsible to maintain and what is the Board’s responsibility.


For example, the documents discuss window covering restrictions:  all window coverings as viewed from the outside must be white or off-white.  Check before changing or improving property outside or property seen from the outside!


It is wise, until you are thoroughly familiar with the documents, to check on any changes you wish to make structurally on the interior of your home other than wall and ceiling finishing, lighting, carpets, cabinetry, and appliances.  Why?  We don’t want you going to an expense, only to have to expend more funds to correct a change you initiated before getting prior Board approval. For example, no hardwood floors are permitted on 2nd floor six-plexes.  The Board must always approve changes to structural walls before you proceed.


If you, as a new owner, did not receive these documents when you closed on the purchase of your new home, you should immediately contact your attorney to obtain the documents from the previous owners.  If your attorney cannot secure them for you, new copies may be purchased from the Property Manager.  (Their office is located off Pond Street, corner of Long Shoals off Hendersonville Rd in Arden.)


Our monthly newsletter, WolfTales, is the Board’s official communiqué to owners and residents.  We encourage you to read each issue for news affecting us all and to be aware of social events and activities in which you may enjoy participating.  The Property Manager and Board members stand ready to help you get used to living in our community.  Do not hesitate to bring us your questions and concerns.


If you have issues/concerns that you would like discussed at a board meeting, or if you simply have a question, please submit in writing and place in the Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests box in the Mail Center, or email the Property Manager.


Work Requests are available in the Mail Center or Clubhouse.  Submit a Work Request for outside unit maintenance or landscape problems (dead bushes, etc.) to the Property Manager or email request to office@baldwinrealestateinc.com.


Work Requests for exterior building changes (satellite dish, enclosing porches, etc.) or new landscape submissions may be left in the Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests box at the mail center.  SEE attached Wolfpen I Planned Community HOA, Inc. Landscaping Guidelines.  This document identifies acceptable additions to landscape as well as form request by the homeowner, to the Landscape Committee for exceptions to the guidelines (see information at end of this document)


Wolfpen Phone Directory or Entry Gate Changes.  Please leave a written request with change(s) in the Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests box in the Mail Center.  You may also email your change or mail it to the Property Manager.


Bulletin boards are in the back hallway of the Clubhouse and others are in the Mail Center area.  Activities and other items of interest and importance are posted on these bulletin boards.


Routine household garbage and trash should be taken to the compactor located near the entrance.  This is compacted by resident volunteers.  Cardboard must be broken down, cut into small pieces and flattened.  DO NOT place large items or household non-garbage items in the compactor.  (PLEASE NOTE, if our compactor needs repair or needs to be emptied more frequently, this will increase our monthly fees.)


If you have LARGE ITEMS (NO wood or metal, excluding aluminum food cans) that will not fit in the compactor, you may call Hendersonville Waste Removal at 272-0064.  There is a charge for this service.  They will take cardboard boxes (broken down) and furniture.


Henderson County Recycling Center is FREE, at 802 Stoney Mountain Rd., phone 697-4720.  (See Bell South yellow pages under “Recycling” for map to center.)


Volunteer Committees.  Although we have a paid Property Manager to do some things for us, our committees contribute greatly to the community.  We welcome your ideas and help in making Wolfpen even BETTER!  If you would like to serve on any of these committees please contact the Property Manager in writing.


Front Gate Entry.  All residents are given an individual numbered access card that will allow entry to Wolfpen, the swimming pool and the Clubhouse.  The entry procedure is the same in all locations.  Place your card on the metal plate, with the printed side facing you.  This will activate the gate or release the lock on the door depending upon your location.  Please keep your card in a safe place, as there is a $20 charge for replacement, or for an additional card.  Contact the Property Manager if you need an additional card or if you experience problems with your current card.


Visitor Entry.  Advise your guests to enter through the driveway to the left (nearest the gatehouse).  They will need to find your name on the monitor and enter the three-digit code shown by your name.  This action will ring your home phone.  When you answer your phone, if you decide to allow access, press the number 9, hang up and the gate will open. CELL PHONES CAN BE PROGRAMMED TO ACTIVATE THE GATE SYSTEM.


Remote Control Gate.  If residents are interested in purchasing a remote control for the front gate, leave a note in the Wolfpen I HOA Dues and Maintenance Requests box in the mail center (with your name, address and phone number).  The cost of the remote control is $25.00. Checks should be made payable to Wolfpen Amenities.  With this device, you will enter through the left lane (next to the gatehouse); push the button on your remote, which will raise the gate allowing entry.


Note: The remote opener works on the front entry gate only.  Your regular card must be used to access the swimming pool and Clubhouse.


Leasing of UnitsThere is a 15% of 199 Units (30 Units Total) limit on the number of units that may be leased. At present that limit has been reached and NO further units may be leased or sold to owners who intend to lease them. For further details refer to the Wolfpen I Declaration Art. 17 Units can be occupied by family members under certain conditions (see “Units Occupied by Family Members” in rule 17).


Again, WELCOME!  Enjoy our community and its amenities!

–Your Board of Directors–





Following is a brief listing of Rules and Regulations extracted from the Wolfpen Condominium I Rules and Regulations.  A page number is indicated so you can refer to the complete Rules and Regulations for clarification.  “Dec.” refers to the Declaration location for description of this subject.


The Board of Directors at Wolfpen ask that a key be given to a Board member to place at the clubhouse for emergency or dangerous condition only. The key would be used in case of emergency in your absence.  We never know what may come up if we are not at home or away for a few days. This DOES NOT apply to those who have misplaced/lost their keys. [Rules and Regs. Pg 2; Dec. 6.7 Pg 14 “easements”]


No signs may be posted on any part of the outside or inside (if visible from the outside) of a unit or on your vehicle without prior consent of Board of Directors.  This includes “For Sale” signs.  [Rules and Regs. Pg. 3; Dec. 7.3c Pg. 15]


Vehicles belonging to a unit owner, a family member, guest or lessee shall not be parked in any way that obstructs traffic.  [Rules and Regs. Pg. 2]


No more than two pets are allowed, maximum of 35lbs each.  When outside, pets are to be leashed and cleaned up after at all times.  Please respect your neighbors.  [Dec. 7.3d Pg. 15]


The exterior appearance of the individual units or the Common Elements shall not be changed in any way without written consent of the Board. [Rules and Regs. Pg 4; Dec. 12 Pg. 27]


BEFORE placing an order to install or change existing satellite TV service, please call or email the Property Manager (Baldwin Real Estate at 684-3400) who will arrange for an onsite inspection with a building maintenance representative. They will advise you of the acceptable dish locations as well as how any external wire can be run.  Failure to follow this procedure may result in costing you the expense of “re-doing” the installation. [Rules and Regs. Pg 7; Dec. 12 Pg. 27]


Gas or charcoal grills are NOT permitted under covered porches. [Rules and Regs. Pg. 4]


No new planting or change in existing landscaping may be made without written approval of the board.  [Rules and Regs. Pg.6]


For information that lessees need to know, or family occupants of a unit, see Dec. 17, Pg. 35.


How to effectively handle a complaint with a neighbor? – Contact Property Management in writing/email [Dec. 16 pg 34 and R&R pg 1].


Washing of any type vehicle is not allowed. [R&R pg. 3 – vehicle Maintenance]





We want to let you know about the current activities available in “our” community.  (Activities are subject to change.  Call the point of contact and check your monthly WolfTales and bulletin boards.)


a)    WOLFPEN SOCIALS (including Friday socials):  There are socials, planned by the Social committee, scheduled throughout the year. Some will coincide with holidays and special events. These will be posted at the Mail center as well as announced in the Wolf Tales newsletter. Your contacts are Connie Polk McGrath @ 685-2415 or Richard Paddock @ 272-5932.


b)    BRIDGE:  A group meets every Monday evening at 7 PM at the Clubhouse.  If you are a bridge player, call Helen Cottam (685-3040) for current information.


c)    POKER: We have a Poker group that meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse.  Rich Paddock (272-5932) will be glad to fill you in on the details.


d)    PINOCHLE: This group meets every Tues at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse.  Beginners are welcome.  Contact for this group is Betty Tumpson (685-7962).


e)    NOON TIME BUNCO: A group of players meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at the Clubhouse from 12:30 to 3:00.  Bring your lunch!  Contact is Joan Kalinowski (685-7188).


f)     EVENING BUNCO: The evening group meets at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The contact for this group is Diane Paddock (272-5932).


g)    BILLIARDS: Mon, Wed and Fri 10:00 – 12:00 AM.  Call Tony Kalinowski (685-7188).



h)    EXERCISE:  A group of (usually) ladies meets at the Clubhouse on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9AM to 10 AM.  The group meets all year and is for everyone. Walking workout videos are used. Great workouts for everyone!  Call Donna Wedow (272-0204) for more information.


i)      WATER AEROBICS: is for everyone who likes the water, join this group every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Memorial Day to Labor Day 9 AM to 10 AM.  Kristin Jones (393-0634) will answer all your questions.


j)      TENNIS: Tennis is played on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 9 AM to 11 AM time adjustments maybe made according to weather. Contacts are Doris Doll (685-0878) and Al Wolf (685-8900).


k)    BIBLE STUDY: This group meets on Thursday mornings at the Clubhouse.  They meet from 9 AM to 10 AM September thru April. Contact Carol Corpany (685-2047) for more information.


l)      EARLY RISERS: Free weights strength training Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8 AM to 9 AM @ Club House. Suggests bringing 3-5 pound weights. For more information call Carol Corpany (685-2047) or Carol Davis (685-1294).


m)  QUILTING: The group meets the first Wednesday of each month from 10 AM to 12 PM at the clubhouse. Contact Carole Couse (685-8512) for more details.


n)    BOOK CLUB: This is a book discussion group that meets monthly. For more information call Ro Metcalf (685-7854).


  • o)    BINGO – Come and play bingo the first and 3rd Thursday of each month. Doors open at 6:30 bingo begins at 7:00 pm. Contact Rich Paddock (272-5932).



Lending Library.  This is an on-going service for EVERYONE!  Our lending library is in the main room at the Clubhouse.  The books are donations from our residents.  Please return books to the “big blue box.”  Our resident librarian is Carol Davis (685-1294).



WolfTales.  Our monthly newsletter is delivered to your door.  Watch for a copy at the beginning of each month.  There is always important news about our community, as well as other information that will help you “stay tuned.”  Call Chuck Forsythe (685-3484) if you have news about our Community that would be of interest to all residents.





WOLFPEN AMENITIES ASSOCIATION.  Everyone in Wolfpen is part of the amenities association.  This association takes care of the common areas including the swimming pool, tennis courts, golf area, gatehouse and the Clubhouse.




  1. Everyone must have their own access card to enter the Clubhouse and the swimming pool area. The system is identical to that used to open the front gate. Place your access card on the metal plate and it allows the gate to open. To enter the Clubhouse follow the same procedure on the metal plate to the right of the back door. When you leave the pool area push the round black button found on the wall of the Clubhouse next to the window.


  1. The Clubhouse is available for all members and guests. A guest is defined as a friend or family member of a Wolfpen Resident.


  1. Proper attire must be worn at all times. Shirt and shoes required. No wet bathing suits are allowed in the Clubhouse other than the restroom. Enter thru the back door for the bathroom use.


  1. Members may be held accountable for any destruction of facilities and/or equipment caused by themselves and/or guests. A penalty may be assessed by the Amenities Board.


  1. Wolfpen Amenities Association will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.


  1. Pets are not allowed in, or within 10’ of, the Clubhouse, pool area, tennis courts or putting green.


  1. No one under the age of 16 may use the Clubhouse, play pool, use workout room, or the swimming pool without an adult (18 or over) present. No skateboarding allowed in any amenity areas.


  1. The Amenity areas should be kept neat and orderly.


  1. Any person creating a nuisance or showing disregard for the facilities, property, or equipment will be asked to leave.









  1. Swimming is permitted from 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. only. No one under the age of 16 may use the swimming pool without an adult present.


  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the pool.


  1. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area.


  1. Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pool.


  1. Infants using the pool must wear swim diapers or proper diaper coverings.


  1. No wheeled vehicles, except wheelchairs, walkers or baby strollers are permitted in the pool area.


  1. PLEASE, there is to be no running, jumping, pushing, playing ball or causing disturbance in or around the pool area.


  1. No DIVING or AGGRESSIVE JUMPING in the swimming pool.


  1. Please clean the gas grill after each use and turn off the gas. Throw away all trash in the trash can near the entrance gate.


  1. No skateboarding allowed in any amenity areas.


  1. No radios allowed at the pool. (radios with ear plugs acceptable).





  1. Tennis courts are for tennis only.


  1. Tennis players are required to wear proper shoes and dress.





  1. Proper attire must be worn at all times. Shirt and shoes required. No wet bathing suits are allowed in the clubhouse other than in the restrooms.


  1. No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse, including the restrooms.


  1. Workout room should be kept neat and orderly.


  1. No one under age of 16 may play pool, or use the workout room, without an adult (18 or older) present. The workout room is available to residents at all times.


  1. Clubhouse reservations forms are needed for any groups. Please call the resident in charge of reservations. Forms are located in the Clubhouse.


  1. No reservations may be made on the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Community functions may be organized on these days by the Social committee. Community events and scheduled activities on these days, or evenings, will not exclude any resident, or guest from using the swimming pool, or workout room. Residents are asked to be considerate of those who may be using the main clubhouse areas during the scheduled times as calendar states.


  1. The Clubhouse may be reserved by a resident for the following family type parties: Birthdays, Family Reunions, Graduations, Showers, Anniversaries, and or luncheons. The Clubhouse may not be reserved for meetings of business, church, or outside organizations. The reserving resident must be in attendance at the function.


  1. To Reserve the Clubhouse, a resident must submit a completed Clubhouse Reservation Form. Two checks are to be attached to the Reservation form. A check for $25.00 ($100 for Weddings and Receptions) will be kept by the Amenities Association as a Rental fee. A check for $75.00 as a security deposit will be returned to the resident if the Clubhouse is left in a clean and orderly condition. These checks should be made out to Wolfpen Amenities Association. A Maximum of 50 people may be in attendance. The contact would be Marion Cosgrove 685-2255 or Maureen Mohrman 221-0701.


  1. No alcoholic beverages can be served to anyone under the age of 21. Please do not leave any alcoholic beverages in the clubhouse. 


  1. The pool table is NOT to be moved, and nothing can be placed on it!!!



After your gathering, use the check list below to secure the Clubhouse.


a)    Empty trash and take to dumpster. Replace trash bags.

b)    Vacuum Carpet (vacuum cleaner is in small card room)

c)    Damp mop vinyl floors if needed.

d)    Wipe tables and counter tops.

e)    Replace furniture (Caution: do not attempt to move pool table.) Furniture to be placed to original set up.

f)     Check restrooms for neatness and cleanliness.

g)    Clean outside grill, if used.

h)    Close doors, turn off lights, fans and any other appliances.

i)     Contact the Social Committee member after you have left.





Mulch.  The Association will mulch planting every 3 years in late winter or early spring (does not include homeowner’s personal landscape plantings).  Any spot mulching done individually by residents should match existing mulch (no red mulch, please).


Borders.  Edger’s or plant borders must be low profile and in sand or gray earth tones.  Riprap, large decorative, rocks are not permissible.


Lights.  A maximum of eight (8) landscaping lights per unit may be placed near entrances.  Lights must be low profile and dark in color.


Seasonal Decorations.  Holiday decorations, including decorative flags will be permitted within reason.  Such decorations should be displayed no more than 30 days before the holiday and removed within 30 days following.


Annuals.  Annual flowers may be planted.  However; all annuals will be maintained by the resident and removed at the end of the season. Please use common sense and good judgment.


Decorative Items.  All freestanding decorative items should be part of a landscape or building proposal.  Items must be low profile.


Tools and Garden Supplies.  All tools and garden supplies must be stored out of sight.


Hoses.  When not in use, hoses must be hung on a freestanding hose holder or coiled neatly on the ground.  Hose connection can only be used by the unit owner whose plumbing is connected to that connection. Be Careful not to leave your hose connected during the winter. The connection valve will freeze and you will be responsible for the repairs. To prevent unauthorized use unscrew the valve knob and keep it in your unit.





Your unit (the building) is insured by an accredited Insurance Company through the Wolfpen I Condominium Association. The cost for the insurance is paid out of your monthly dues.


Part of the unit is owned by the Association (siding, roofing, framework, etc) and part (drywall, windows, interior doors, sliding doors, heating & cooling equipment, cabinets, carpet, etc. as described in Section 4.4 of your Declaration of Condominium) is owned solely by you. Both the Association part and your part are covered by the insurance policy.


The policy provides broad coverage and will pay to replace old with new. There is no coverage for your furniture, dishes, clothes, etc. (see Article X of your Condominium book for details of how the insurance applies). You need to buy a “Condominium Owners 6 Policy” to provide insurance for that and other insurance that covers you personally.


The Current Insurance policy has a $1000.00 deductible which has to be paid before they will pay anything. If all of the damage occurs only in that part of your unit owned by the Association then the Association will pay the deductible. If it occurs only in the part owned solely by you then the homeowner would pay the deductible. If both parts are affected then the deductible will be shared proportionally.


Your “Condominium Owners 6 Policy” might cover your share of the deductible over and above the deductible on that CO 6 policy through an assessment. We urge you to check with your agent on that matter. Also, show the agent this bulletin.


The lawyers require that you be advised that, if anything printed above conflicts with the “Declaration of Condominium,” the Declaration applies.  If you have any questions call Bill Scott – Wolfpen I Insurance Committee 685-0165.







The Companies or individuals listed below have been recommended by members of our community, and are passed on to you in case you need the type of service in your unit that they provide. They are not to be called for repairs/work outside your unit boundaries which is Wolfpen I responsibility. Also, be sure that you tell them that you live in Wolfpen.



Contact Phone
Fruitland Home Solutions Rob Shoemaker 272-0350
Garren Painting Dennis Leschak 808-1710

Heating and Air Conditioning

McNutt Service Group 693-0933
Thompson Mechanical 684-3700


Bolton 253-3621
MB Haynes 254-6141


Summey Plumbing 693-1007


Garren Painting Dennis Leschak 808-1710
Finishing Touches Martin Kelly 606-1452
Fruitland Home Solutions Rob Shoemaker 272-0350
Carolina Blinds Wayne Patterson 697-8525

Mark Hanrahan


Appliance Repair

Hipps Appliance Repair

Larry Hipps 697-6212

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Bio Clean Air

Utilities, etc.
Duke Power (Electrical) 800-777-9898
     Power outage 800-769-3766
PSNC (gas) 877-776-2427
Dish Installations– Stans Electronics 828-693-0532
Mediacom (cable) 800-946-5388
Dish (satellite) 866-883-5068
Direct TV (satellite) 800-280-4388
Bell South (phone)
     Billing & Service 888-757-6500
     Repair 877-737-2478
Hendersonville Water &Tax 828-697-3052


WP I does not Guarantee any service provided by any above contractors and assumes NO liability/responsibility for anything that might occur.




Baldwin Real Estate, Inc.

2112 Hendersonville Rd

Arden, NC 28704

(828)-684-3400 – Business phone

(828)-684-3442 – Fax number

Office Hours Monday-Friday 9-5

E-Mail – office@baldwinrealestateinc.com


Emergencies ONLY after hours – 828-280-8989 – this would not include normal work request that can be addressed during regular office hours.




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